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Arc Flash Training



1. Arc Flash and Electrical Shock, Electrical Safety in the Workplace

2. Power System  Awareness

NFPA 70E Electrical Safety and Arc Flash Training
1. Course Agenda Overview
1.1 NFPA 70E Standards…purpose and goals
1.2 Essentials elements of electrical safety
1.3 Painting a word picture with videos to grab the attendee’s attention
2. Electrical Safety in the workplace desired outcome
2.1 Understand the hazards of electricity
2.2 Grasp the function of the electrical safety program
2.3 Know the difference between an electrically safe work condition and work on energized circuits or parts.
2.4 Discuss the concept of qualified
2.5 Know the various hazard analysis
2.6 Arc Flash PPE requirements
2.7 Describe common unsafe work practices.
2.8 Know the approach boundaries for shock / arc flash protection.
2.9 Equipment condition influences
2.10 Understand the importance of an energized electrical work permit


Trainer:  Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional NFPA #15-099



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